Our Services

Listed below are the services we offer.

General Cleaning

Whether you have one or multiple locations, you will deal with our senior-level staff that will provide customized solutions to your cleaning requirement. Our clients have access to a range of both general and specialist cleaning services. Supported by our management infrastructure we can ensure our service delivery is consistent and suits the individual needs of our clients.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

It is our intentions that your environment stays clean and ever sparkling, that's why our trained and dedicated janitors have the sole responsibility of ensuring the premises they have been assigned is thoroughly cleaned daily. Coverage throughout the entire working day keeps the areas in pristine condition, making your environment appealing and conducive.

Floor Burnishing and Polishing

Using our up to date specialized equipment, we make sure that your tiled, concrete, terrazzo, marble or wooden floors receive the best treatment to help your floor sparkle. First it makes floor shine but more important, it makes the floor easier to keep clean. This is because it smooths out the scratches in the floor, removing areas for dirt to settle.

Floor Degreasing

From degreasing concrete floors to cleaning machinery is relatively straight forward cleaning for us to accomplish. However, for concrete floors that have deep oil stains, we can diminish the stains and make the surface available for either painting or taping.

Window Cleaning of High Rise Buildings

It is such a beauty to look at those tall buildings and wonder where they stop, but it is even more beautiful and attractive when you look at them and see that they sparkle and glow. With our pure water cleaning technology, we can provide a one stop base for all your commercial or domestic high rise window and fascia cleaning needs.

Cleaning of Marine Vessels

This is one of our specialty cleaning services which would have been a daunting process without the right equipment and very well trained staff. Our cleaning systems work and are quite easy for us to handle. We make sure that your marine vessels look even more dazzling than when you left it. Sparkling is our intention.

Aircraft Cleaning

We love the fact that passengers want to look through the windows of your beautiful aircraft and enjoy the view, but what is more appealing is where they are in while looking out of the window. We are equipped to clean the interior and exterior of an aircraft. With the use of our steam washers and dust extractors, you can be guaranteed of very high quality cleaning.

Pest control and fumigation

Pests would always want to own an environment that appeals to them, but we make sure that environment is not yours. Depending on the situation, we will apply the right chemicals, insecticides, etc to destroy unwanted rodents within and around your property ensuring a pest free environment. This is done for both commercial and domestic clients.

Post Construction Cleaning

Whether you are a construction company or builder who has just finished a project, or simply a home-owner who needs a deep clean after building an extension, Sparkles can take care of it. We are experienced in post-construction cleaning and understand the legislation related to working on construction sites, you can be rest assured that we will carry out our duties safely!

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

This we provide both for our domestic and commercial clients. It could be a standalone service or as part of a total cleaning package. We are confident that our cleaning methods, equipment and trained staff will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Waste management and advice on routine disposal

Waste could leave your environment irritable with an offensive odour which could keep people away and not wanting to relate with you. We can help you fix that! As earlier mentioned Sparkles would take care of waste by ensuring prompt evacuation and also provide apparels to be used in packaging the waste before disposal.

Cleaning advisory services

Knowing just how to keep your environment clean and sparkling could give you more than the attention of people. We help you do that by offering consultancy service we provide on the effective and efficient cleaning processes whenever this is needed. Now you can keep people even closer with the right knowledge.